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Deluxe Anthology of Fiddle Styles Book with online audio access, David Reiner (Mel Bay)

A critically acclaimed book covering old-time, bluegrass, Irish, blues, Scandinavian, Cajun, Texas, swing and jazz, and twin fiddling styles. This book also covers bowing, chords, chord progressions, kickoffs and endings, and improvisation. The companion recording features David Reiner's solo performance of all the tunes in the book. Includes access to online audio.

  • Reel De Montagne
  • Snowbird In The Ashbank
  • Banks Medley Tune
  • Carroll County Blues
  • Ebba Polka
  • Friday Night Waltz by David Reiner
  • And The Cat Came Back
  • Inverness Lasses by John Campbell
  • Martha Campbell
  • The Rags
  • Waltz Quadrille
  • Ragtime Annie
  • Jack Limberlegs
  • The Champion
  • Wild Rose Of The Mountain
  • Angeline The Baker
  • Saint Anne's Reel
  • The Lost Child
  • The Sailor's Bonnet
  • Three Forks Of Cheat
  • Yew Piney Mountain
  • Biddy I'm Not Jesting
  • Florida Blues
  • La Grande Gigue Simple
  • Paddy Kelly's
  • Brown Button Shoes
  • Reel In F by John Campbell
  • Uncle Herm's Hornpipe
  • Cotton Patch Rag
  • Shottis Fran Idre
  • Sugar In The Gourd
  • Canyon Jig by David Reiner
  • Chicken In The Barnyard
  • Old French
  • Susannah Gal
  • Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase
  • La Vals Du Bambocheur
  • Dixie Blossoms
  • Dry And Dusty
  • Mrs. Greig's Strathspey
  • Paddy On The Turnpike
  • Pols Fran Acton
  • Black And White Rag
  • Drunken Hiccoughs
  • Lady Of The Lake by Donna Hebert
  • Mississippi Sawyer
  • Reel Du Diable
  • Celina Le Blanc
  • Karis Pers Polska
  • Rye Straw
  • Slope Road Jig
  • Wagoner by Mark O'connor
  • Chere Mama Creole
  • Cherry River Rag
  • Funder Chuppah by Mimi Rabson
  • Mother's Day Waltz
  • Valcartier Set, First Part
  • Done Gone
  • Katy Did
  • Last Of Callahan
  • Midnight On The Water
  • Old Molly Hare
  • Original Canadian Hoedown
  • Perrodin Two Step
Book Type: Fiddle/Folk, Audio Access Included
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
In Stock
List Price: $25.00