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Favorite American Waltzes for Fiddle; Stacy Phillips (Mel Bay)
110 classic and lesser-known country waltzes, with bowing and chord accompaniment. Transcribed from performances of the great fiddlers of the past and present. Intermediate level.

  • A And E Waltz by Lloyd Wanzer
  • Amarillo Waltz by Alexander Robertson
  • Arizona Waltz by Clem Myers
  • Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar
  • Autumn Waltz by Stuart Williams And Bob Fast
  • Bill's Waltz by Rebecca Koehler
  • Black Velvet Waltz 1 by Hank Haley
  • Black Velvet Waltz 2 by Stuart Williams
  • Bloomingdale Waltz by Gilbert Ross
  • Bob Taylor's March by Charlie Acuff
  • Casy's Old Time Waltz by Vivian Will
  • Cowbow Waltz 3 by Cyril Stinnett
  • Cowboy Waltz 1 by Mike Seegar And Mosheh Savitsky
  • Cowboy Waltz 2 by Casey Jones
  • Crystal Stream Waltz by Stuart Williams
  • Dance Of the Goldenrod by James Chancellor
  • Danny's Waltz by Stuart Williams And Wally Bloom
  • Don't You Remember the Time by Leslie Freeny With Freeny's Barn Dance Band
  • Down Home Waltz by Art Galbraith
  • Evening Star Waltz by Paul Shelor With The Shelor Family
  • Fifty Years Ago Waltz
  • Flowers from Heaven by Art Galbraith
  • Forty Years Ago Waltz 1 by Red Herron
  • Forty Years Ago Waltz 2 by J. T. Perkins
  • Friday Night Waltz (A) by W. E. Ray With The Ray Brothers
  • Friday Night Waltz (B) by Kenny Baker
  • German Waltz 1 by Dale Morris And Benny Thomasson
  • Goodnight Waltz by Red Herron
  • Green Valley Waltz by Skip Gorm
  • Heartland Waltz by Paul Elliot
  • Henry Reed's Waltz by Alan Jabbour With The Hollow Rock String Band
  • Homecoming Waltz by Kenneth Pitts & Cecil Brower with Bill Boyd's Cowboy Ramblers
  • Judy and Jim's Wedding by Larry Unger (Amy Richardson With Uncle Gizmo)
  • Just Friends by Bob Wills
  • Kelly Waltz
  • Kiss Me Again Waltz by Taylor Mcbain
  • Life in the Finland Woods by Clarence Tate
  • Lost Goose by Kenner Kartchner
  • Martin's Waltz by Byron Berline And Benny Thomasson
  • Memory Waltz by Howard Forrester
  • Morning Star Waltz by Dan Kelly
  • My Own House Waltz by Ned Phoenix
  • Oklahoma Waltz 1 by Earl Collins
  • Oklahoma Waltz 2 by Tom Carter & Tom Sauber
  • Old Madeira Waltz by Hugh Farr
  • Over the Waves by Juventino Rosas (Kenny Baker & Jehile Kirkhuff)
  • Paris Waltz by Howard Forrester And Dwight Lubiniecki
  • Pattie's Waltz by Argel Walker
  • Peek-a-boo Waltz
  • Poor Girl Waltz by Clem Myers
  • Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief by Skip Gorman with The Deseret String Baned
  • Put Your Little Foot by Bob Wills
  • Ramona Waltz by Brian Hebert
  • Red Fox Waltz by Vivian Williams
  • Red River Waltz by Charles Stripling With The Stripling Brothers
  • Rose of Sharon Waltz by J. T. Perkins
  • Saturday Night Waltz by Jim Childress With Uncle Henry's Favorites
  • Scandinavian Round Dance by Al Sanderson
  • Shadow of the Mountain by Ken Campbell
  • Shannon Waltz by Ron West
  • Sherman's Retreat by John Summers
  • Silver Dollar Waltz by Donald Woodcock
  • Silver Wedding Waltz by Vivian Williams
  • Skater's Waltz by Emil Waldteufel (Mark O'connor & Mosheh Savitsky)
  • Susi's Waltz (Mel Marshall)
  • Sweet Bunch of Daisies (B) Performed by Hollis Taylor And Vivian Williams
  • Tulsa Waltz 1 by Howard Cawley With Jack Cawley's Oklahoma Ridge Runners
  • Tulsa Waltz 2 by Gary Lee Moore
  • Untitled Waltz 1 by Ron Kane With The Deseret String Band
  • Untitled Waltz 2 by Benny Thomasson
  • Velvet's Waltz by Dale Morris
  • Waltz in D by Bob Wills
  • Wednesday Night Waltz by Kenny Baker
  • Western Waltz by Taylor Mcbain
  • Westphalia Waltz by Forrest Daugherty
  • White Rose Waltz by J. P. Fraley
  • Zenda Waltz by Jana Jae Greif
Book Type: Fiddle/Folk, Collections
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
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