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Favorite American Waltzes for Fiddle; Stacy Phillips (Mel Bay)

110 classic and lesser-known country waltzes, with bowing and chord accompaniment. Transcribed from performances of the great fiddlers of the past and present. Arrangements range from easy (single notes, first position) to advanced (double stops and upper positions).

  • A And E Waltz by Lloyd Wanzer
  • Amarillo Waltz by Alexander Robertson
  • Arizona Waltz by Clem Myers
  • Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar
  • Autumn Waltz by Stuart Williams And Bob Fast
  • Bill's Waltz by Rebecca Koehler
  • Black Velvet Waltz 1 by Hank Haley
  • Black Velvet Waltz 2 by Stuart Williams
  • Bloomingdale Waltz by Gilbert Ross
  • Bob Taylor's March by Charlie Acuff
  • Casy's Old Time Waltz by Vivian Will
  • Cowbow Waltz 3 by Cyril Stinnett
  • Cowboy Waltz 1 by Mike Seegar And Mosheh Savitsky
  • Cowboy Waltz 2 by Casey Jones
  • Crystal Stream Waltz by Stuart Williams
  • Dance Of the Goldenrod by James Chancellor
  • Danny's Waltz by Stuart Williams And Wally Bloom
  • Don't You Remember the Time by Leslie Freeny With Freeny's Barn Dance Band
  • Down Home Waltz by Art Galbraith
  • Evening Star Waltz by Paul Shelor With The Shelor Family
  • Fifty Years Ago Waltz
  • Flowers from Heaven by Art Galbraith
  • Forty Years Ago Waltz 1 by Red Herron
  • Forty Years Ago Waltz 2 by J. T. Perkins
  • Friday Night Waltz (A) by W. E. Ray With The Ray Brothers
  • Friday Night Waltz (B) by Kenny Baker
  • German Waltz 1 by Dale Morris And Benny Thomasson
  • Goodnight Waltz by Red Herron
  • Green Valley Waltz by Skip Gorm
  • Heartland Waltz by Paul Elliot
  • Henry Reed's Waltz by Alan Jabbour With The Hollow Rock String Band
  • Homecoming Waltz by Kenneth Pitts & Cecil Brower with Bill Boyd's Cowboy Ramblers
  • Judy and Jim's Wedding by Larry Unger (Amy Richardson With Uncle Gizmo)
  • Just Friends by Bob Wills
  • Kelly Waltz
  • Kiss Me Again Waltz by Taylor Mcbain
  • Life in the Finland Woods by Clarence Tate
  • Lost Goose by Kenner Kartchner
  • Martin's Waltz by Byron Berline And Benny Thomasson
  • Memory Waltz by Howard Forrester
  • Morning Star Waltz by Dan Kelly
  • My Own House Waltz by Ned Phoenix
  • Oklahoma Waltz 1 by Earl Collins
  • Oklahoma Waltz 2 by Tom Carter & Tom Sauber
  • Old Madeira Waltz by Hugh Farr
  • Over the Waves by Juventino Rosas (Kenny Baker & Jehile Kirkhuff)
  • Paris Waltz by Howard Forrester And Dwight Lubiniecki
  • Pattie's Waltz by Argel Walker
  • Peek-a-boo Waltz
  • Poor Girl Waltz by Clem Myers
  • Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief by Skip Gorman with The Deseret String Baned
  • Put Your Little Foot by Bob Wills
  • Ramona Waltz by Brian Hebert
  • Red Fox Waltz by Vivian Williams
  • Red River Waltz by Charles Stripling With The Stripling Brothers
  • Rose of Sharon Waltz by J. T. Perkins
  • Saturday Night Waltz by Jim Childress With Uncle Henry's Favorites
  • Scandinavian Round Dance by Al Sanderson
  • Shadow of the Mountain by Ken Campbell
  • Shannon Waltz by Ron West
  • Sherman's Retreat by John Summers
  • Silver Dollar Waltz by Donald Woodcock
  • Silver Wedding Waltz by Vivian Williams
  • Skater's Waltz by Emil Waldteufel (Mark O'connor & Mosheh Savitsky)
  • Susi's Waltz (Mel Marshall)
  • Sweet Bunch of Daisies (B) Performed by Hollis Taylor And Vivian Williams
  • Tulsa Waltz 1 by Howard Cawley With Jack Cawley's Oklahoma Ridge Runners
  • Tulsa Waltz 2 by Gary Lee Moore
  • Untitled Waltz 1 by Ron Kane With The Deseret String Band
  • Untitled Waltz 2 by Benny Thomasson
  • Velvet's Waltz by Dale Morris
  • Waltz in D by Bob Wills
  • Wednesday Night Waltz by Kenny Baker
  • Western Waltz by Taylor Mcbain
  • Westphalia Waltz by Forrest Daugherty
  • White Rose Waltz by J. P. Fraley
  • Zenda Waltz by Jana Jae Greif
Book Type: Fiddle/Folk, Collections
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
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