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New Scale Method, Scale Book for Violin, spiral bound; Karl Orvik (KO)

New Scale Method, Scale Book for Violin, spiral bound; Karl Orvik (KO)

Spiral bound, three-octave scales

A thorough command of scales and arpeggios is one of the most important tools available to any musician. For string players, scale practice provides an ideal context in which to train all aspects of both right and left hand technique, including essentials of tone production, intonation, rhythm and posture. The more extensive one's facility with scale and arpeggio exercises the easier that all these skills can then be applied to repertoire. The purpose of New Scale Method is to enhance this facility among violinists and violists by widening the vocabulary of scalar exercises.

In addition to standard scales and exercises, NSM contains scales in modal, whole-tone, octatonic and pentatonic forms, as well as arpeggios of three-note diminished and augmented chords, and the full range of seventh chords. The double-stops section includes two-octave scales in fourths, fifths and sevenths, each with a corresponding major or minor arpeggio. Finally, the Rhythm and Bowing Tables offer a new perspective on traditional rhythm and bowing exercises.

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