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O'Connor Violin Method, Book 1 with CD; Mark O'Connor (Mark O'Connor)

O'Connor Violin Method: A New American School Of String Playing, Book 1 with Performance & Accompaniment CD - Mark O'Connor

The O'Connor Method includes some of the great folk songs, fiddle tunes and classic themes that have endured the country's 400-year-old history of violin playing, representing all the Americas - Mexico, Canada and every region of the United States ยก - and musical styles including classical, folk, Latin, jazz, rock and ragtime. O'Connor has chosen and arranged material that will help create the future classical violinist, folk fiddler, jazz musician - or all three.

  • "Gradual development of left-hand technique, bowing skill and ear training as revealed through the study of beautiful music encourages a love of music-making in a slow, steady and natural way."
  • - Mark O'Connor
Book Type: Method, CD Included
Publisher: Mark O'Connor Music International
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