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The Fritz Kreisler Collection, Volume 3, for violin and piano (Carl Fischer)

The Fritz Kreisler Collection, vol. 3
Pieces by Corelli, Tartini, Paganini
Arrangements by Kreisler (edited by Eric Wein)

  • Sonata in D Minor 'La folia,' Op. 1, No. 12; Corelli.
  • Sarabande and Allegretto; Corelli
  • Sonata in G Minor 'The Devil's Trill'; Tartini
  • Fugue in A Major; Tartini
  • Caprice No. 24; Paganini
  • The Witches' Dance (Le Streghe); Paganini
  • Theme and Variations (Non piu mesta), Op. 12; Paganini
  • Theme and Variations (I Palpiti), Op. 13; Paganini
  • Perpetual Motion (Moto Perpetuo), Op. 11; Paganini
  • Caprice No. 13; Paganini
  • Caprice No. 20; Paganini
  • The Bell (La Campanella), Op. 7; Paganini
  • Appendix: Three Extra Variations of Corelli's 'La Folia'
Book Type: Collections
Publisher: Carl Fischer Publishing
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