Easy as Do Re Mi, Book 1, for volin; Jennie Lou Klim (Jennie Lou Klim)

Review by Scott Laird:

-Easy as Do Re Mi is a wonderful classroom series that is a powerful resource for any string educator. Based on years of experience, thoughtful teaching practice, and strong pedagogical background, Jennie Lou Klim has developed a method that will work well in a variety of settings for students of diverse ages, situations, and backgrounds. Emphasizing tonality, finger patterns, and rhythmic patterns at the beginning stages, the book is clear and systematic. Rhythmic competency is emphasized through the repertoire introduced in the books and fingerings are never over-notated. The clean look makes this a natural for older beginning students as well. I am pleased to recommend Easy as Do Re Mi for classroom instruction.-

Book Type: Method
Publisher: Beachside Publications
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