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Easy as Do Re Mi, Book 1, for volin; Jennie Lou Klim (JLK)

Easy as Do Re Mi is a wonderful classroom series that is a powerful resource for any string educator.

  • Based on years of experience, thoughtful teaching practice, and strong pedagogical background, Jennie Lou Klim has developed a method that will work well in a variety of settings for students of diverse ages, situations, and backgrounds.
  • Emphasizing tonality, finger patterns, and rhythmic patterns at the beginning stages, the book is clear and systematic.
  • Rhythmic competency is emphasized through the repertoire introduced in the books and fingerings are never over-notated.
  • The clean look makes this a natural for older beginning students as well. I am pleased to recommend Easy as Do Re Mi for classroom instruction.
  • -Review by Scott Laird
Book Type: Method
Publisher: Beachside Publications
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