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Bow Exercises for the Expressive Violinist, Part 2; David France (Craddock Road)


Bow Exercises for the Expressive Violinist is a series of fundamental bow studies allowing the player to acquire agility in the right hand, an even tone in all parts of the bow, and an ability to play with ease and virtuosity. The study of these exercises gives the serious student an increased palette of colors, a nuanced amplitude of dynamics, and an increased speed with which new music can be played with beauty and expression. The regular practice of bow exercises makes the musician's palette richer thereby increasing their capacity to bring joy to others. This book series is intended as a precursor to the Sevcik Bowing Books.

Perfect for collegiate violinists looking for a thorough set of etudes to continue to nurture a solid foundation, the symphony professional looking for a fast warm up, and also perfect for the Suzuki or traditional student who can play with all 4 fingers in first position who wants to develop the sound of their dreams.

If you want a warmer sound and an even tone in all parts of the bow then Bow Exercises for the Expressive Violinist is for you.

Book Type: Method
Publisher: Craddock Road
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