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The Techniques of Violin Playing, Book /DVD; Irvine Arditti and Robert Platz (Barenreiter)
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This publication takes into account the virtuosity of a new generation of soloists. These are soloists who with their exceptional ability, have succeeded in paving the way for a greater understanding of classical and contemporary music.

The chapters on bowing techniques, vibrato, pizzicato, glissando, flageolet, tablatures, rhythm and electronic sound production are illustrated with numerous musical examples and diagrams.

Particularly helpful is the accompanying DVD, where Arditti demonstrates and explains the described techniques. Chapters on the basics of violin technique and on Irvine Arditti’s personal experience with notable composers make the book equally interesting for non-violinists.

  • Publisher Barenreiter Verlag
Book Type: Method, DVD Included
Publisher: Barenreiter Verlag
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