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Concerto in D Major for viola, with 2nd viola accompaniment; Carl Stamitz (Molly Sharp)


Viola Concerto Duets allow your students to experience the complete concerto earlier in the process of learning a piece. When time with a piano is limited, accompanying your student gives them more practice playing with the accompaniment, as well as the added bonus of playing duets with their teacher. Viola Concerto Duets makes it possible to perform in spaces that have no piano. Advanced students can accompany other students, improving their accompanying skills, as well as providing a practical application of double stops.

These duets are not meant to replace current editions of these concertos. The accompaniment is meant to be used in tandem with standard editions. Each duet includes a score for ease of rehearsing, plus a separate accompaniment part for performing, to help with the issue of page turns.

Book Type: Repertoire
Ensemble: Accompanied Solos
Publisher: Molly Sharp
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