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Stringstastic, level 1 for viola; Lorraine Chai (Stringstastic)

Stringstastic, level 1 for viola; Lorraine Chai (Stringstastic)

Stringstastic, level 1 for viola by Lorraine Chai

Ensemble series provides students (ages 6-11) with a solid foundation in music theory through the eyes of a violin, viola or cello player. This series is designed so that they can be used hand in hand with each other in a beginner ensemble or group lesson.

Stringstastic Ensemble level 1

  • Introduces young players to the world of violin, viola, cello playing and the basics of music theory through games and fun graphics to assist the young violinist or violist to better understand the instrument and to learn music theory in an enjoyable way.

52 pages

ISBN: 978-0-6485144-7-3

Book Type: Method
Publisher: Stringstastic
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