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Violin Duets; Various (AMSCO)

Violin Duets (Everybody's Favorite Series 135) - Edited by David Sackson (AMSCO)
Eight sparkling, delightful, little-known duets by master composers, all within the first and third positions.

  • Allegro and Rondo No. 1 - Joseph Fodor
  • Allegro and Rondo No. 2 - Joseph Fodor
  • Cantabile and Rondo - Christian Cannabich
  • Divertimento No. 1 - Luigi Borghi
  • Duo I - Ignace Pleyel
  • Four Etudes - K. Mostrass
  • *Playful Duet - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Three Easy Duets - N. Nolinsky
  • *The famous Mirror Duet, played by 2 players facing, using the same piece of music. (Upside down and backwards!)
Book Type: Repertoire
Ensemble: Two or More Violins
Publisher: AMSCO Music
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