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Duets for Strings, book 2, violins; Samuel Applebaum

Duets for Strings, Book 2, 2 violins, compiled and edited by Samuel Applebaum

  • March; Hohmann
  • Passepied; Handel
  • Russian Folk Song; Beethoven
  • Menuett; Handel
  • Sarabande; Kuhnau
  • Gavotte; Handel
  • Menuett; Johann J Fux
  • Gavotte; Handel
  • Flower Waltz; Reinagle
  • Sarabande; Speer
  • Evening Song; Mozart
  • Bouree; Bach
  • Hallelujah; (Round in two parts)
  • Pavane; Peuerl
  • Canon; Kunz
  • Air; Carl Philipp E Bach
  • A Stately Dance; Handel
  • Passepied; Telemann
  • Canon; Kunz
  • Sarabande; (17th Century Dance)
  • The Rhyme; Fischer
  • Flight; (17th Century Canon)
  • A Rondo Theme; Pleyel
  • Quiet Motion; (17th Century Canon)
  • Le Petit Rien; Couperin
  • A Gentle Breeze; (17th Century Canon)
  • The Bluebird; Reinagle
  • Minuet; Mozart
Book Type: Repertoire, Collections
Ensemble: Two or More Violins
Publisher: Belwin-Mills Publishing
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