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Duets for Strings, book 1, violins; Samuel Applebaum

Duets for Strings, Book 1, 2 violins, compiled and edited by Samuel Applebaum

  • Pastoral; Kohler
  • The Journey; Henning
  • The Birch Canoe; Henning
  • The Nutcracker; Schubert
  • Counting Song; Kohler
  • Waltz of the Flowers; (Old Dance Song)
  • Two to a Bow; Beyer
  • The Island Song; Wohlfahrt
  • Russian National Hymn; A. von Lvoff
  • The Swan; Schubert
  • The Grand Canyon Waltz; Wohlfahrt
  • The Hunt; (Old English)
  • The Evening Waltz; Wohlfahrt
  • Picking with the Fourth; (Old Dance Song)
  • Gliding; (Old Song)
  • Thy Glorious Deeds; Beyer
  • The Home Road; (Anonymous)
  • In the Garden; Hohmann
  • Sonatina; Dancla
  • Concertino; Dancla
  • Rejoice; Wohlfahrt
  • Elves Dance; Wohlfahrt
  • Listen to the Lambs; Kohler
  • Spring Plowing; Beyer
  • Bagatelle; (anonymous)
  • Do Re Mi Fa Sol; Kohler
Book Type: Repertoire, Collections
Ensemble: Two or More Violins
Publisher: Belwin-Mills Publishing
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