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Chamber Music for Two String Instruments, book 2, violin; Samuel Applebaum

Chamber Music for Two String Instruments, Book 2, 2 violins, compiled and edited by Samuel Applebaum

  • Spring Dance; (18th Century)
  • The Clock; (Traditional)
  • Landler; (German Folk Dance)
  • Aria; (18th Century)
  • Two German Dances; (18th Century)
  • Country Dance; (Italian Folk Song)
  • Air; GF Telemann
  • Two Minuets; (18th Century)
  • Bouree; G Sammartini
  • A Courtly Dance; JB Loeillet
  • Swiss Dance; Louis Marchand
  • Cotillon; Henry Baton
  • An Episode; Beethoven
  • Air and Minuet; GP Telemann
  • Allegro; JM LeClair
  • Siciliano; Karl Stamitz
  • Contredance; EP Chedeville
  • Sarabande; JB Loeillet De Gant
  • Scherzo; (Czech Traditional)
  • Prelude; Frohlich-Hohmann
  • Rondo; James Hook
  • Gavotte; J Aubert
  • Minuet; Mozart
  • Bouree; Henry Purcell
Book Type: Repertoire, Collections
Ensemble: Two or More Violins
Publisher: Belwin-Mills Publishing
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