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Ukrainian Fiddle Tunes for Two Violas: Various (Greenblatt & Seay)

Ukrainian Fiddle Tunes for Two Violas: Various (Greenblatt & Seay) Ukrainian Fiddle Tunes for Two Violas: Various (Greenblatt & Seay) Ukrainian Fiddle Tunes for Two Violas: Various (Greenblatt & Seay)

Welcome to Ukrainian Fiddle Tunes for Two, a collection of 35 traditional tunes from the land of blue skies and fields of wheat.

These captivating pieces are presented in score form with the melody on the top line and the harmony on the bottom, so you can play the melody by yourself, or add the harmony when you have another musician handy. All tunes are key compatible with viola and cello versions, and chords are included, just in case you happen to have a guitarist or mandolinist or pianist handy.

This collection includes marches, patriotic songs, polkas, waltzes, etc. These melodies will make you cry, and make you dance. You have been warned!


  • A ja vse dyvliusia de moja Marusia (And I Always Look to See Where My Dear Mary Is)
  • A U Tih Bogachok (And Those Rich Folks Have)
  • Avstriys’ka (Austrian)
  • Bandura Waltz
  • Chumak (Merchant)
  • Czorny oczka (Black Eyes Like Blackthorns)
  • Diwocza Widmowa (Maiden’s Refusal)
  • Ebba Polka
  • Hopak
  • Hraj, Abo Kroszi Widdaj (Play, Or Give Back the Money)
  • Hramofon (Gramophone)
  • Khay Zhyve Vil’na Ukrayina (Long Live Free Ukraine)
  • Kolomyika
  • Kozak (Cossack)
  • Kucheryava Kateryna (Curly Catherine)
  • Les Cils Fonces (Dark Eyelashes)
  • Ne Pyj Waniu (Don’t Drink, Vania)
  • Nese Hala Wodu (Halia’s Carrying Water)
  • Od Kyyeva Do Luben (From Kyiv to Lubny)
  • Oi Chyi to Kin’Stoyit (Whose Horse is Standing There)
  • Oj, Harna Ja, Harna (I Am So Beautiful)
  • Oy U Luzi Chervona Kalyna (The Red Viburnum in the Meadow)
  • Oy, Ty Nichenko (Oh, You, the Night)
  • Perepilka (The Quail)
  • Po Dorozi Zhuk, Zhuk, Po Dorozi Chorniy (Along the Road Black Beetle)
  • Rozpriagajtie Chlopci Koni (Unharness Your Horses, Boys)
  • Shche Ne Vmerla Ukraina (Ukraine’s Freedom Has Not Yet Perished)
  • Ty Zh Mene Pidmanula (You’ve Deceived Me)
  • Val's Levkivka (Waltz from Levkivka)
  • Venherka (Hungarian)
  • Viys’kova (Military)
  • Yak Bu Ne Marusia (If Not For Marusia)
  • Zaporozich (Cossack from Zaporizhzhia)
  • Zaswystaly Kozaczenki (The Cossacks Are Whistling)
  • Zeleneje Zito (The Rye is Green)
Book Type: Repertoire, Fiddle/Folk
Ensemble: Two or More Violas
Publisher: Greenblatt & Seay Publications
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Ensemble Two or More Violas
Book Type Repertoire
Book Type Fiddle/Folk