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Seiko SAT50 Tuner
Catalog ID: TNSEISA50

The Seiko SAT50 Chromatic Tuner is a high-quality tuning device with reference tones, key transpose mode and input/output jacks. It has a built-in microphone for acoustic instruments, high contrast LCD display providing improved visibility, and a dynamic speaker for clear reference tones.

  • Features:
  • Tuning Method: Auto Chromatic Mode - Manual Chromatic Mode - Sound Mode
  • Tuning Range: A0 (27Hz) - C8 (4186Hz) (Note= C, C sharp, D, E flat, F, F sharp,G, G sharp, A, B, B flat)
  • Sound Generation: C4 - B4 (12 Notes)
  • Pitch Shift: A4=410Hz - 450Hz (1Hz Step)
  • Indicator: LCD Display - Analogue Meter (+/-50 Cent) - Digital Cent Indication (+/-50 Cent) - Calibration Indication - Mode Indication - 3 LEDs/Tuning Guide - Octave Indication
  • Terminal: Built-in Microphone - Input-Jack - Output-Jack
  • Others: Auto Power-Off - Memory Back Up
  • Battery: R 03/LR 03 (AAA)×2 (3v) included
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