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Planet Waves CT-09 Universal II Chromatic Tuner
Catalog ID: TNPWACT09

The Planet Waves Universal II Chromatic Tuner precisely tunes violins, cellos, and virtually all other stringed, woodwind and brass instruments. It features both LED and bold LCD displays for tuning in well-lit or dark environments, and built-in microphone for acoustic and 1/4" input for electronic instruments. The compact, sleek design makes it extremely portable and convenient to store in instrument cases.

  • Features:
  • Built-in microphone for acoustic instruments and 1/4" input for electronic instruments
  • Dual-mode operation for Auto or Manual tuning
  • LCD and LED displays for tuning in both well-lit and dark environments
  • A440 calibrated. May be user-calibrated to any pitch from A435 to A445
  • Requires one CR2032 battery which is included
In Stock
List Price: $24.99