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Ensembles for Guitar, volume 1 (Suzuki)

Ensembles for Guitar, volume 1 (Suzuki)

The purpose of these arrangements is to provide a variety of interesting and challenging material for Suzuki guitar students who are beyond Book 1 and are playing in a Suzuki guitar group class. The arrangements allow students, who may be widely divergent in playing levels, the opportunity to perform together in the Book 1 repertoire. These arrangements include the original melodies transposed one octave higher, giving the student practice in reading ledger lines and playing beyond the 12th fret, a obbligato melody that poses technical challenges to advanced students, a simple chordal accompaniment that gives the Book 2 student excellent free stroke arpeggio practice, and a bass part that gives the student practice in reading the lower ledger lines. These parts work well together, but can also be used with the original melodies.


  • Introduction
  • Twinkle Ensemble (Folk Song)
  • Lightly Row Ensemble (Folk Song)
  • Go Tell Aunt Rhody (Folk Song)
  • Song of the Wind Canon (Folk Song)
  • May Song Ensemble (Folk Song)
  • Allegretto Ensemble (Shinichi Suzuki)
  • Perpetual Motion Ensemble (Shinichi Suzuki)
Book Type: Repertoire, Suzuki School Volume 1
Publisher: Summy-Birchard Company
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