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Beautiful Music for Two String Instruments, book 2, cello; Samuel Applebaum

Beautiful Music for 2 String Instruments, Book 2, 2 cellos, compiled and edited by Samuel Applebaum

  • The Oak Tree; Hohmann
  • Flying Southward; Wohlfahrt
  • With Pleasure; Hohmann
  • A Graceful Theme; Mozart
  • A Sonatina Theme; JW Hassler
  • The Swan; Hohmann
  • The Steel Helmet; Dancla
  • The Knight; B Tours
  • To the Market; B Tours
  • Field and Stream; M Gebaur
  • The Royal Coach; (English Folk Song)
  • Sis-Boom-Bah; Wohlfahrt
  • For Gretchen; (German Folk Song)
  • HIckory, Dickory, Dock; (Nursery Rhyme)
  • The A.B.C; Mozart
  • The Clock Store; Mazas
  • Anna Magdalena's Minuet; Bach
  • Sonatina in G; Beethoven
  • The Hare and the Hounds; Hohmann
  • The Vagabond; M Gebaur
  • A King is Crowned; Wohlfahrt
  • The Bagpiper; (Czech Dance Tune)
  • A Dramatic Story; Dancla
  • Old Black Joe; SC Foster
  • Pop Goes the Weasel; (Nursery Song)
  • The Bavarian Dance; Wohlfahrt
  • The Ski Jump; (Old Dance)
  • Springtime; Pleyel
  • The Hero Arrives; Wohlfahrt
  • View from the Hill; (Old Dance)
  • In a Canoe; Wohlfahrt
  • It's Fun to Float; (Old Dance)
  • A Field of Daisies; (Old French Song)
  • Canzonetta; Dancla
  • In a Monastery; (Old Chorale)
  • The Toe Dancer; B Tours
  • For My Friend; Mozart
  • A Minuet for Two; Dancla
  • A Celebrated Duet; Pleyel
  • Serenade; Mazas
Book Type: Repertoire
Ensemble: Two or More Cellos
Publisher: Belwin-Mills Publishing
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