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Beautiful Music for Two String Instruments, book 4, bass; Samuel Applebaum

Beautiful Music for 2 String Instruments, Book 4, 2 basses, compiled and edited by Samuel Applebaum

  • A Lively Dance; Mozart
  • Meditation; Dancla
  • A Stately Minuet; Haydn
  • A Two Part Invention; Bach
  • A German Dance; Mozart
  • Concertante; Mazas
  • Sarabande; Bohm
  • Fantasy; Pleyel
  • Canzonetta; Dancla
  • Sonatina; CPE Bach
  • Duet - In the Style of Mozart; C Stamitz
  • Caprice; L Mozart
  • Table Music for Two ; Mozart
  • A Canon in Unison; Telemann
  • A Canon in Octaves; Dancla
  • Nocturne; C de Beriot
  • A Bit of Old Vienna; B Tours
  • Rondo; FC Neubauer
  • Duo No. 2; P Nardini
  • Gaiety; Telemann
Book Type: Repertoire
Ensemble: Two or More Basses
Publisher: Belwin-Mills Publishing
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