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Beautiful Music for Two String Instruments, book 3, bass; Samuel Applebaum

Beautiful Music for 2 String Instruments, Book 3, 2 basses, compiled and edited by Samuel Applebaum

  • Festival March; Mazas
  • Our Thanksgiving Holiday; Hohmann
  • Frivolity; (Old Dance)
  • Poetry; Dancla
  • Minuet; Bach
  • Concertante; Dancla
  • Wistful; Hohmann
  • Barcarolle; Pleyel
  • A Comic Dance; (Old Dance)
  • Prelude; Wohlfahrt
  • Rondo; Pleyel
  • The Buffoons; (Old Dance)
  • The Lion; Wohlfahrt
  • Loure; L Mozart
  • Menuetto; WA Mozart
  • Sonatina; Mazas
  • Exuberance; WA Mozart
  • Counting Song; Henning
  • Sadness; Tours
  • Fugue in Two Parts; Dancla
  • The Ghost; Tours
  • Springtime; de Beriot
  • Meditation; Pleyel
  • My Two Friends; Beethoven
  • The Robins; Hohmann
  • The Quiet Stream; Spohr
  • Sonata; Telemann
Book Type: Repertoire
Ensemble: Two or More Basses
Publisher: Belwin-Mills Publishing
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