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Beautiful Music for Two String Instruments, book 1, bass; Samuel Applebaum

Beautiful Music for 2 String Instruments, Book 1, 2 basses, compiled and edited by Samuel Applebaum

  • The Little Star; Mozart
  • Lightly Row; (Folk Song)
  • The Clock Shop; Hohmann
  • The Mule Driver's Song; Henning
  • The Wise Man; Hohmann
  • Twilight; Hohmann
  • The Maypole; Hohmann
  • Pierrot in the Moonlight; (French Folk Song)
  • At the Playground; Wohlfahrt
  • Early to Rise; Mazas
  • Lullaby; Carl Maria von Weber
  • Dream Waltz; Henning
  • The Last Leaf; (Old Song)
  • The County Fair; Hohmann
  • Riding the Carousel; (German Folk Song)
  • Ups and Downs; Henning
  • Coronation in London; Mazas
  • The Huntsman; (German Folk Song)
  • Follow the Leader; Mazas
  • Right after You; Wohlfahrt
  • A Late Start; Hauptmann
  • Sweet Betsy from Pike; (American Traditional)
  • He's My Donkey; (Italian Folk Song)
  • Old MacDonald Had a Farm; (American Traditional)
  • Up the Hills; Rossini
  • There's Music in the Air; G.F. Root
  • Dancing on the Green; Hohmann
  • Come Play with Me; (German Folk Dance)
  • Echo in the Valley; Henning
  • Hopak; (Russian Folk Melody)
  • Minuet; J.S. Bach
  • The Cathedral; J. Cruger
  • I'm a Poor Lonesome Cowboy; (Cowboy Song)
  • Fun and Frolic; Handel
  • The Roller Coaster; Wohlfahrt
  • My Pretty Partner; Mozart
  • Let's End Together; Wohlfahrt
  • The Lion and the Lamb; Wohlfahrt
  • America, the Beautiful; Ward
  • The Enchanted Minuet; C. Gluck
  • Santa Lucia; (Italian Folk Song)
  • Sailing Above the Clouds; (Hohmann)
  • Good Night; (German Folk Song)
  • The Dreamy Tide; Mozart
  • The Boat Song; B. Tours
  • The Swan; Wohlfahrt
  • Clara; Max Winkler
  • All Through the Night; (Old Welsh)
  • The Church Bells; Wohlfahrt
  • Will You Marry Me?; (French Folk Song)
  • Tick, Tack, Toe; Dancla
  • A Grotesque Dance; (17th Century Dance)
  • Clap Your Hands; Wohlfahrt
  • The Coronation; Wohlfahrt
  • A Country Scene; B. Tours
Book Type: Repertoire
Ensemble: Two or More Basses
Publisher: Belwin-Mills Publishing
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