Violino Violin String Set - Medium, ball end E

Violino Violin String Set - Medium, ball end E
Catalog ID: STVNVIO16_1NAB

Violino by Pirastro is a very warm and smooth sounding synthetic core string. Violino strings are very easy to play, have a soft and gentle touch and a fast response, allowing the strings to speak easily even at the lowest bow pressure. It is especially easy to explore the subtle differences of tone colors with these strings.

Set Includes:

  • Violino Violin E - steel: Medium, Ball
  • Violino Violin A - aluminum: Medium
  • Violino Violin D - silver: Medium
  • Violino Violin G - silver: Medium
Weight: 0.2 lbs
Brand: Violino
String: Set
Size: 4/4
Core Material: Synthetic
Gauge: Medium
String End: Ball
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List Price: $86.91
String Gauge 1
String End B
String Set Set
Core Material Synthetic