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Rondo Violin String Set, Medium

Rondo Violin String Set, Medium
Catalog ID: STVNROP16_1NAB

Rondo Violin String Set, Medium


  • Great balance of warmth and brilliance
  • Soloistic power
  • Vast dynamic range
  • Immediate bow response
  • Reduces wolf tone

Rondo violin strings work on many different instruments but are particularly popular among soloists playing old instruments. The RO100 set comes with a synthetic core, aluminum wound A-string, providing great modulation and a rich spectrum of sound colors. For those wanting to stay true to the traditional steel A-string or looking for 100% corrosion resistance and easier playability, Rondo offers a steel A-string without the common downsides of sounding too bright or shrill.

Set Includes:

  • Rondo Violin E - tin-plated/carbon steel
  • Rondo Violin A - aluminum/synthetic
  • Rondo Violin D - silver/synthetic
  • Rondo Violin G - silver/synthetic
Weight: 0.2 lbs
Brand: Rondo by Thomastik-Infeld
String: Set
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Medium
String End: Ball
In Stock
List Price: $231.95
String Gauge 1
String End B
String Set Set