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Flexocor-Permanent Violin Set: Medium, loop end E

Catalog ID: STVNFLE16_1NAL

The Flexocor-Permanent string has a steel rope core with an outstanding response and great projection. These strings have a good diversity of sounds, a clear overtone spectrum, and a lively tone with a pliable left hand feeling.

Set Includes:

  • Flexocor-Permanent Violin E - steel: Medium, Loop
  • Flexocor-Permanent Violin A - alum.: Medium
  • Flexocor-Permanent Violin D - titanium: Medium
  • Flexocor-Permanent Violin G - silver: Medium
Brand: Flexocor
String: Set
Size: 4/4
Core Material: Steel
Gauge: Medium
String End: Loop
Out of Stock
List Price: $77.33