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Crystal 3/4 Violin Set - Medium, ball end E
Catalog ID: STVNCRY26_1NAB

Corelli Crystal violin strings are made of Stabilon, a multi-filament material, wrapped around a nylon core. Crystal violin strings are easily playable, with a fast response and a rich, warm tone.

Set Includes:

  • Crystal 3/4 Violin E - steel: Medium, ball
  • Crystal 3/4 Violin A - alum/stabilon: Medium
  • Crystal 3/4 Violin D - alloy/stabilon: Medium
  • Crystal 3/4 Violin G - silver/stabilon: Medium
Brand: Crystal
String: Set
Size: 3/4
Core Material: Synthetic
Gauge: Medium
String End: Ball
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List Price: $55.33
Regular Price: $24.90