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NS Electric Viola Set - Medium

Catalog ID: STVANSE16_1NAB

Designed in partnership with Ned Steinberger, the D'Addario NS Electric Strings are made specifically for NS Design instruments. Each string is designed to enhance the expressive range of tone sought after by the most discerning players. These electric viola strings will fit a majority of standard sized electric violas. They will also work well on acoustic instruments, providing a clear, focused tone while still allowing for tonal subtlety and expressiveness.


  • NS Electric Viola A - stranded steel core Medium
  • NS Electric Viola D - stranded steel core: Medium
  • NS Electric Viola G - stranded steel core: Medium
  • NS Electric Viola C - stranded steel core: Medium
Brand: NS Electric
String: Set
Size: up to 16.5”
Core Material: Steel
Gauge: Medium
String End: Ball
In Stock
List Price: $95.75