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Medallion Synthetic 11''-12'' Viola String Set, Medium

Medallion Synthetic strings offer a rich and complex sound. These strings break in quickly and are not affected by changes in temperature or humidity. State of the art production and manufacturing with the highest quality materials assure consistent and reliable performance at an economical price.

Set Contains:
  • Medallion Viola A - Alum/Syn: Medium, Ball End
  • Medallion Viola D - Silver/Syn: Medium, Ball End
  • Medallion Viola G - Silver/Syn: Medium, Ball End
  • Medallion Viola C - Silver/Syn: Medium, Ball End
Brand: Medallion Synthetic
String: Set
Size: 11” to 12”
Core Material: Synthetic
Gauge: Medium
String End: Ball
In Stock
List Price: $42.65