Larsen Viola String Set - Medium, A loop end

Larsen Viola String Set - Medium, A loop end
Catalog ID: STVALAR16_1NAL

Larsen strings deliver a warm yet direct and unhesitating feel with rapidly achieved tuning stability and consistency of sound. Original, reliable, robust projection, ideal for the brighter to neutral sounding instrument in need of some complementary warmth.

Set inclues:

  • Larsen Viola A - alloy/spiral alloy: Medium loop
  • Larsen Viola D - alum/spiral alloy: Medium
  • Larsen Viola G - silver/spiral alloy: Medium
  • Larsen Viola C - silver/synthetic: Medium

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Brand: Larsen
String: Set
Size: up to 16.5”
Core Material: Synthetic
Gauge: Medium
String End: Loop
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List Price: $266.81