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Dynamo Viola String Set - medium

Dynamo Viola String Set - medium
Catalog ID: STVADYN16_1NAR

Dynamo Viola String Set - medium

  • DYNAMO strings for Viola: Perform like you never have before

Dynamo viola strings were developed with passion and patience. The outcome is better than anticipated by combining qualities previously unatainable in any one set.


  • Big core sound: dark and powerful
  • A broad sound and an excellent response
  • Wide dynamic range and an easily modulated color palate
  • Great sound on most vintage and modern instruments
  • A sound which will captivate the player and the audience

Set includes:

  • Dynamo Viola A String - chrome/carbon steel, removable ball A, medium
  • Dynamo Viola D String - silver-chrome/synthetic, medium Dynamo Viola G String - silver/synthetic, medium Dynamo Viola C String - tungsten-silver/synthetic, medium
Weight: 0.1 lbs
Brand: Dynamo
String: Set
Gauge: Medium
String End: Removable Ball
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Price: $189.95
String Gauge 1
String End R
String Set Set