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Alphayue AL200 Viola String Set with Magic 3G Rosin Value Pack

Alphayue AL200 Viola String Set with Magic 3G Rosin Value Pack
Catalog ID: STVAALR16_1NAB

Alphayue Viola Set with Magic Rosin Value Pack

Alphayue Viola Set:

  • Alphayue Viola strings are game-changing strings for students of all levels! These strings offer an unparalleled sound quality while being gentle on your fingertips. They quickly perk up to their full sound potential, instantly responsive to the bow, and are highly durable.

Alphayue AL200 Viola Set String Details:

  • A: AL21 - Carbon steel core, chrome wound
  • D: AL22 - synthetic core, chrome wound
  • G: AL23 - synthetic core, monel wound
  • C: AL24 - synthetic core, monel wound

Magic Rosin - 3G Formula: Clearly superior, Magic RosinĀ® is a premium quality, professional-grade rosin that offers excellent grip and delivers clear, complex tone. Magic Rosin is made in the USA from premium, purified pine resins. We avoid additives like oils, waxes, dyes, or metal fillings that are commonly used by other rosin manufacturers. Our unique formulation yields rosin with a clear, glass-like appearance that allows beautiful designs (placed underneath the rosin) to really pop!

Magic Rosin 3G Formula is a grippy rosin designed for violin and viola, it has more grip than many ''light'' (and even some ''dark'') rosins, so you don't need to use very much, 2-3 swipes across the entire bow is enough for most players.

Weight: 0.2 lbs
Brand: Alphayue by Thomastik-Infeld
String: Set
Core Material: Synthetic
Gauge: Medium
String End: Ball
In Stock
List Price: $103.95