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Versum Solo VES4344 Cello G & C String Set

Versum Solo VES4344 Cello G & C String Set
Catalog ID: STCEVSX18_1TCB

Versum Solo G and C strings embody an as yet unrivalled synthesis of explosive dynamics and graceful flexibility with the best possible response. Their solid, deep core tone is surprising with its brilliant and vivd note. Their modulation capability is just as exceptional: whether soft and sweet piano, valiant fortissimo passages or simply the earthy response - the sky's the limit for the player.

The intonation can also be fully customized: whether soft, hard, or sharp, from Baroque to modern, Versum Solo G and C strings offer the highest level of possible tones and variations.

Versum Solo G and C strings enhance the tone of both deep and clear sounding instruments. Combined with Versum Solo A and D strings, the descant strings sound even livelier and more dynamic. At the same time, they support an exquisite sound with vocal quality.

Weight: 0.1 lbs
Brand: Versum Solo by Thomastik-Infeld
String: G/C String Bundle
Size: 4/4
Winding Material: Tungsten-Chrome
Core Material: Steel
Gauge: Medium
String End: Ball
In Stock
List Price: $525.30
Price: $309.00
String Gauge 1
String End B
String Set G/C String Bundle
Core Material Steel
Winding Material Tungsten-Chrome