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Perpetual Cadenza Cello C String - Tungsten/rope core

Perpetual Cadenza Cello C String - Tungsten/rope core
Catalog ID: STCEPPT15_2TUB

Pirastro Perpetual Cadenza Cello C string - tungsten wound on rope core

Due to their lower tension the Perpetual Cadenza G & C noticeably relieve pressure on the cello which can allow it to open up and unfold freely. This also allows the A & D strings to vibrate very easily gaining presence while maintaining the basic sound characteristic which is dynamic and warm. The Perpetual Cadenza G & C are suitable for older Italian as well as new instruments and harmonize wonderfully with the Perpetual A & D as well as other Pirastro cello strings.

Perpetual strings are characterized by great flexibility and an extraordinary tonal spectrum: from a sweet, warm tone to sheer endless power - everything is possible. The sound is like a large house with plenty of room for individual design. At the same time the tone is focused and clear, the most delicate touches are instantly audible and the base warmth always present. The natural qualities and timbre of each cello are enhanced by the strings' great dynamics and intensity.

During the development , Pirastro concentrated on reducing the break-in time. Their technicians did an impressive amount of research and analysis to develop a device for measuring the settling-in time, so each individual string can be tuned and brought to pitch before dispatch. This enables the materials used in the string to adjust and settle which significantly reduces the break-in time.

Weight: 0.1 lbs
Brand: Perpetual
String: C String
Size: 4/4
Winding Material: Tungsten
Core Material: Steel
String End: Ball
In Stock
List Price: $149.36
Price: $140.40
String Gauge
String End B
String Set C String
Core Material Steel
Winding Material Tungsten