Permanent Cello String Set - Thick/stark

Permanent Cello String Set - Thick/stark
Catalog ID: STCEPER16_3NAB

Permanent by Pirastro is a steel string with a warm, round sound and a clear overtone spectrum. With a pliable left hand feeling, it produces a smooth lively tone. Stable with a very easy response, it is suitable also for electric or electrically-amplified cellos.

Set Includes:

  • Permanent Cello A - chr/steel: Thick/stark
  • Permanent Cello D - chr/steel: Thick/stark
  • Permanent Cello G - tungsten/rope core: Thick/stark
  • Permanent Cello C - tungsten/rope core: Thick/stark
Brand: Permanent
String: Set
Size: 4/4
Core Material: Steel
Gauge: Thick/Heavy
String End: Ball
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