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Eudoxa Cello A String - alum/gut, 20 1/2: Ball

Eudoxa Cello A String - alum/gut, 20 1/2: Ball
Catalog ID: STCEEUD12_-ALB

Referred to as "the traditional gut core string,'' Eudoxa strings feature a sheep gut core, low string tension, and a comfortable left hand feeling. They produce a well-balanced, warm tone with a great variety of different sounds possible. They are ideal for orchestral playing and chamber music.

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Brand: Eudoxa
String: A String
Size: 4/4
Winding Material: Aluminum
Core Material: Gut
Gauge: Thin/Light
String End: Ball
Out of Stock
List Price: $55.97
Price: $52.61
String Gauge 2
String End B
String Set A String
Core Material Gut
Winding Material Aluminum