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Belcanto Solo 3/4 Bass F Sharp String: Medium

Belcanto Solo 3/4 Bass F Sharp String: Medium
Catalog ID: STBABES27_1CHB

Belcanto bass strings are specially formulated for bowing. They are an all steel string made to very tight specifications with excellent quality control. Arco Bass Players enjoy bowing Belcanto Bass because of their easy start, strong projection, and clarity of tone. Belcanto bass strings are made with a specially twisted steel rope core that's known to settle in quickly, so you get the orchestra response you need right away with little wait time while the strings 'settle down.'

They are known for their even response and exceptional tuning stability. These bass strings produce a dark, warm tone that is complex and easy to blend into the section. Like their pizzicato cousins, Spirocore Bass, Belcanto Bass has good projection, so there is less need to overplay just to be heard.

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Brand: Belcanto Solo by Thomastik-Infeld
String: F# String
Size: 3/4
Winding Material: Chromesteel
Core Material: Steel
Gauge: Medium
String End: Ball
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List Price: $206.50
Price: $114.65
String Gauge 1
String End B
String Set F# String
Core Material Steel
Winding Material Chromesteel