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Artino SR-11 Magic 2.75'' Round Shoulder Rest Pad

Catalog ID: SRVVARTS111/XB

The Artino SR-11 ''Magic Pad'' is an amazingly simple and easy-to-use shoulder pad that's perfect for beginners as well as those who can't find a shoulder rest that works for them. It incorporates a high-tech adhesive pad that can secure the whole shoulder pad onto any violin and viola without using any straps or rubber bands. It can be as easily removed as it is to attachÂ…over and over again! The Artino ''Magic Pad'' can be placed anywhere on the instrument that the user feels the most comfortable. The incredible adhesive pad, provides the optimal stickiness without damaging the varnish. It sticks and stays in place without moving until it is twisted off. After you're done using it just use a wet cloth or paper towel to wipe the dust off of the adhesive pad. This ''Magic Pad'' measures 2.75''(7 cm) round.

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List Price: $5.99