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Performa Padauk Tonewood 4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest

Catalog ID: SRVNPERW440/1T

Performa 4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest, Padauk Wood construction

Designed by noted concert violinist and pedagogue Cyrus Forough with master luthiers, the Performa shoulder rest is designed to give a uniquely ergonomic playing experience to violinists, especially those who are used to playing without a shoulder rest. The Performa is intended to be completely customizable to the player's needs.

The Performa shoulder rest features a wide surface area intended to evenly distribute the weight of the instrument across the player's shoulder and collarbone. Three shoulder rest feet are included to assist in the preferred height. The short foot (11mm) and long foot (17mm), at their lowest settings, come very close to not using a shoulder rest at all. If extra height is needed, an extra-long foot (25mm) is also included. The feet are covered with a soft rubber which has a strong grip despite minimal contact points to the instrument and does not allow any muffling of the sound to occur.

Additionally, the Performa shoulder rest includes two separate soft foam pads that can be used for comfort and preference. The pre-installed pad is 2mm high, and a 5mm pad may be switched out as it is needed. These pads are reusable.

Item includes:

  • Performa shoulder rest, Padauk wood
  • 2mm foam pad (pre-installed)
  • 5mm extra-thick foam pad
  • 11mm short foot
  • 17mm long foot
  • 25mm extra-long foot
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List Price: $112.20