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Everest 4/4-3/4 Violin Flamed Maplewood Imprinted
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The Everest Imprinted Flamed Maplewood Shoulder Rest is identical to the popular EZ Series so you can expect it to provide the same excellent comfort and durability. Everest has developed a technique to carefully print these shoulder rests with a customized Flamed Maplewood Pattern. This elegant maplewood pattern blends in as an aesthetically integral part of the instrument. Teachers, students, and professionals alike have all praised the innovative and distinctive American-designed Everest shoulder rest. Teachers love the way it trains correct playing angles, while students and professionals love the comfort, durability, and style. The one piece body, made of a strong high grade ABS material, provides both strength and flexibility while the integrated adjustable leg height means that there are no angle brackets or swivel mechanisms to break and no thumb knobs to misplace. The left and right legs are identical allowing quick and simple setup and replacement. The foam is made from high quality, extra-thick and extra-soft neoprene for long-lasting comfort and excellent support.
This 3/4-4/4 violin shoulder rest is built to last!


List Price: $21.99
4/4 - 3/4

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