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ArcRest 4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest Full Set

Catalog ID: SRVNARC400/1T

The ArcRest shoulder pad features a comfortable foam pad that fills the gap between your instrument and shoulder, allowing increased freedom of movement. The pad is suspended via tiny pads, decreasing contact with the back of the instrument. This decreases damping, freeing up resonance for better sound.

This set comes with everything! All four standard pads. Never worry whether you have the right thickness.

Overall heights for the different pads are approximately:

  • Thin: 0.96" (a little more than 15/16"), 24.4mm
  • Medium: 1.07" (1-1/16"), 27.2mm
  • Thick: 1.18" (1-3/16"), 30mm
  • Extra Thick: 1.31" (1-5/16"), 33.3mm
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