Yumba Bee Line Rosin for Double Bass

Yumba Bee Line Rosin for Double Bass

Yumba double bass rosins are tapped from the Argentine Littoral also known as Mesopotamia region, which is surrounded by the Iguazú, Uruguay and Paraná rivers. The tropical eather and rivers which cross the Argentine territory as well as the abundant rainfall produced in the region, create excellent conditions for pine growth, providing our colophony unique qualities around the world.

The Bee Line rosins have been created for professional orchestra musicians and soloists. The formulas are mixed with excellent natural origin ingredients to attain extraordinary premium qualities.

Yumba Bee Line Rosin packaging meets two goals: First, it protects the rosin from both climate conditions which can affect its composition and possible falls and bumps. Second, the typology of the logo and metal tin represent the industrial flourishing from the golden era of Tango, Buenos Aires being its main setting.

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