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Beethoven's Wig; Sing-Along Symphonies(volume 3), CD*
Beethoven's Wig celebrates the instruments! With more zany lyrics set to the greatest hits of classical music, these new Sing Along Symphonies feature a variety of different instruments from the familiar to the fascinating. The instrumental performance of each piece is also included without lyrics. A fun foundation for classical music that will last a lifetime. Beethoven's Wig has become the classical music sensation for the whole family. This is the third CD in the wildly popular Beethoven's Wig series which has won a record number of national awards (30 thus far) including two Grammy Award nominations. The CD booklet includes lyrics, trivia questions, and activities. Where Beethoven's Wig 3 differs from the others is in its focus on individual instruments--clarinets, mandolins, bassoons and basses all get the Wig equivalent of a shout-out. With any luck, Perlmutter and company will come through with a fourth volume.
30 Tracks including:
1. Bull in a China Shop
2. Chap in a Cap
3. Play My Song
4. A Manly Man
5. Whistling Happily
6. Where Oh Where
7. Silver Winds
8. They're There
9. Here Lies Homer Jones
10. How to Succeed as Royalty
Book Type: CDs
Publisher: Not Specified