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Beethovens Wig; Sing-Along Symphonies(Vol. 2), CD*

Beethovens Wig; Sing-Along Symphonies(Vol. 2), CD*
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From a pure-pleasure standpoint, the first Beethoven's Wig was nothing to flip over, and the second disc in the series follows suit. However, that is not to say that this is not a valuable and possibly ingenious record. Those unfamiliar with the premise will quickly get the picture: Producer/writer/lead singer/chief clever guy Richard Perlmutter gathers a bundle of important classical works and makes up silly, catchy lyrics to lay over them, informing the listener about the piece or its composer.
22 Tracks including:
1. Stuck In The Saddle Again
2. Sing Verdi Very Loud
3. It’s The Same Every Verse
4. Musical B’s
5. Don’t Play That Violin
6. Schubert’s Trout
7. Dvorak The Czechoslovak
8. A Fan of Chopin
9. Please Do Not Tease The Viennese
10. It’s Spring!



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