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Casey at the Bat, CD; Maestro Classics
Casey at the Bat
Wow! A home run! Can the Mighty Casey hit the run that will save the day? Everybody thinks so. The excitement builds as the last pitch crosses the plate…Discover America’s best-loved baseball poem filled with music and drama.

Classical Music with Stories: CDs for children and their families
Maestro Classics CDs are magical stories with music by the superb London Philharmonic Orchestra, plus educational tracks about the music, composers' lives, and more.

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Magic Maestro Music presents Ernest Lawrence Thayer's classic American poem, Casey at the Bat, with original music composed and conducted by Stephen Simon. Created for the bicentennial in 1976 and performed on the Stories in Music children's series at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, this classic poem is brought to life in an inspired, exciting way.
1. Casey at the Bat
2. About the Poem
3. The Casey March
4. In a Cabin in a Wood: How to Listen to a Story in Music
5. Flight of the Rabbit:A Very Short Story in Music
6. Casey a la Suzuki: Young violinists playing the "Casey March."
7. About the Music by Simon, composer.
8. Now that You Know a Little More...One More Time: at the Bat by Stephen Simon.
9. Want to Have Some Fun?: Prepare to Perform by Bonnie Ward Simon.
10 & 11. The Casey Tango Play Along: Play along with the Magic Maestro Palm Court Orchestra.