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Stringvision Key Pegs, Set of Two, for Cello

Stringvision Key Pegs, Set of Two, for Cello

Set of 2 Stringvision 4/4 Cello Key Pegs

If you’re an active cellist, you’ll understand the significance of Keypeg for thousands of users worldwide. The replacement of peg handles with a removable key has helped cellists move more easily, decreased tension and fatigue, and has greatly improved the quality and comfort of the cellist’s overall playing experience.

  • Keypeg is remarkably low profile, elegant, and easy to use. One set includes two pegs and two keys in ebony. Once installed by a luthier, Keypeg should last as long as you have your cello. No alteration is made to the cello or scroll itself, and original pegs can be replaced at any time as easily as replacing a string. Using Keypeg simply means keeping a key in your case and one on your keyring.

This set of 2 Stringvision 4/4 Cello Key Pegs should be professionally installed by a luthier or string technician.

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