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Perfection Planetary 4/4 Cello Pegs (12mm shaft)

Catalog ID: PGCEPPLC44A/1B
The Revolutionary Perfection™ Planetary 4/4 Cello Pegs resemble standard pegs, but feature a patented, internal epicyclically geared, fine-tuning mechanism, which offers many exciting advantages for string players of all ages. Perfection Pegs allow for effortless, precision tuning for young beginners so they can learn to tune at an earlier age. Educators can easily and quickly tune instruments in class Players no longer need heavy metal fine tuners installed on the tailpiece. Perfection™ Pegs solves tuning difficulties for older players with arthritis and/or weak hands.
The 4:1 gear ratio ensures precise, controlled tuning, and eliminates slippage and sticking and strings will not spontaneously slip out of tune or jam, regardless of environment or handling.
Safe for the instrument, Perfection™ Pegs incorporate advanced engineering and materials, including 8650 thru-hardened steel gear assembly, sealed against dust and dirt for maintenance-free function, with Nyogel microscope damping lubricant for ultra-smooth, long-term performance.
  • Over a decade of research and development, and extensively field tested to ensure reliable performance and long life. Made in USA.
  • This set of 4 Perfection™ Planetary 4/4 Cello Pegs have 12mm shafts and should be professionally installed by a luthier or string technician.
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List Price: $149.00