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Emmanuel Bégin violin bow

Emmanuel Bégin violin bow
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Canadian bowmaker Emmanuel Bégin began his training at the age of 14 with his father, Louis Bégin, in Montréal. He moved to Lille, France to work with Yannick Le Canu for several years before returning to Montréal to open his own workshop where he is currently making bows for players around the world.

Emmanuel has won several recognitions from the Violin Society of America competitions including a Gold Medal for a cello bow and Certificates of Merit for his violin and viola bows in 2012. In the 2014 VSA competition, he won Certificates of Merit for a viola bow and cello bow, a Gold Medal for a violin bow, and an additional Gold Medal for a bass bow made in collaboration with Eric Fournier. Emmanuel was designated Hors Concours by the VSA in 2016-the same year in which he won gold medals for his bows in the violin, viola, and cello categories.

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