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4/4 Rodney Mohr gold violin bow #791
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Rodney Mohr Round, pernambuco, gold-mounted ebony frog. 61.5g 4/4

Catalog ID: N-VNB/3050
  • Rodney Mohr gold violin bow

    Rodney Mohr is one of the most decorated American bowmakers, having won 20 awards in international competitions. After winning his third gold medal with the Violin Society of America, he earned the status of Hors Concours.Based on a Sartory model, this fine bow plays at the highest level. It draws a complex, even sound from frog to tip and responds effortlessly to the lightest touch. The spectacular round, figured pernambuco stick is flawlessly carved and mounted with a gorgeous frog and button. This bows is ideal for professional players or collectors of fine violin bows.


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