William Platt violin no. 24, Manchester, NH 2011
Catalog ID: N-VN/3079

William A. Platt is a graduate of the North Bennet Street School in Boston and is currently making, repairing, and restoring instruments in his New Hampshire workshop. Upon graduation, William worked with Jonathan Cooper for two years before taking a position at The Potter Violin company, where he was exposed to a selection of fine antique instruments. This violin, based on a Guarneri del Gesu pattern, was very skillfully made using top-quality tone woods and varnish. The sound is brilliant and powerful without any harsh or brassy qualities. With plenty of support in the bass register and a quick response, this instrument handles as well as many higher priced violins.

William Platt no. 24, Manchester, NH 2011 Shaded orange-brown varnish. 353mm 4/4