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William Platt violin no. 24, Manchester, NH 2011

William Platt violin no. 24, Manchester, NH 2011
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William Platt no. 24, Manchester, NH 2011 Shaded orange-brown varnish. 353mm 4/4

Catalog ID: N-VN/3079

William A. Platt is a graduate of the North Bennett Street School in Boston and is currently making, repairing, and restoring instruments in his New Hampshire workshop. Upon graduation, William worked with Jonathan Cooper for 2 years before taking a position at The Potter Violin company where he was exposed to a selection of fine antique instruments. This violin, based of a Guarneri del Gesu pattern, was very skillfully made using top-quality tone woods and varnish. The sound is brilliant and powerful without any harsh or brassy qualities. With plenty of support in the bass register and a quick response, this instrument handles as good as many higher priced violins.


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